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AIXP is generously hosted by Habari Node Ltd. It's situated in their Server room at AICC in Arusha.

The room is fully air conditioned and on a 72hours power back up system.

Most electronic equipment is housed in a full height(42U) cabinet, those include two Routers, a back up switch, a fiber switch(TIX link) and three servers. The rest are in a 9U cabinet, those include the peering switch and some peers equipment.

We have 2 "route server" routers, two Cisco 2851s. These are the ones every participant peers with. It is a scalable solution: each ISP will exchange routing information with those route servers, and there is currently no need to set up BGP sessions with all the other peers. The route reflectors receive route advertisements from each ISP and forward the same advertisements to all other ISPs peering.

As value-added service we are in the final process of hosting GGC(Google Global Cache) servers at AIXP.

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